The Care Information Exchange began as an Imperial College Healthcare initiative and now involves health and social care organisations across North West London.

The Care Information Exchange story

In 2014, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust started looking at how to give its patients and their GPs access to the records that it holds about them.

The team quickly realised that this would be really good for patients, but it could be so much better. What about the information held by other hospitals, mental health and social care? Wouldn’t patients also want to see this information? And wouldn’t they expect their health and care professionals to be able to see it?

Now health and social care organisations across North-West London are working together on the Care Information Exchange with the ambition to give patients access to records that they can share with their health and care professionals to give better care.

Imperial Health Charity

The project is funded by Imperial Health Charity.

The IT system at the heart of the Care Information Exchange is supplied by Patients Know Best. The Care Information Exchange puts individuals in control of who sees their records.

Integrated care in the NHS
This video produced by the Office of London Clinical Commissioning Groups and Verve Communications explains the benefits of data sharing for patients, clinicians and the NHS.