The Care Information Exchange is the personal health record for patients and service users in North West London.

The goal of the Care Information Exchange is to make sure you receive the best care and to help you feel more in control of your health. It provides secure online access to medical records for you and the health and social care professionals who are involved in your care.

At the heart of the Care Information Exchange is a web application provided by Patients Know Best, a social enterprise company. Imperial Health Charity has provided funding for the Care Information Exchange for the benefit of health and social care in North West London.

Over 300,000 patients and service users in North West London are using the Care Information Exchange from their mobile phones, tablets and computers. 

How the care information exchange works

How does it work?

People can use the Care Information Exchange with their health and care professionals in different ways. Below are some of the features that are available.

Control over your information

You can control who sees your record on the Care Information Exchange and what information they can see. For example, this could be your doctor, or your relatives or carers.

Your past and future care appointments

Appointments are added automatically where a hospital or GP computer system is connected to the Care Information Exchange. You see your past and future appointments all together in one place.

Test results

Results from tests like blood tests and x-rays can be sent from the hospital into your Care Information Exchange account. This can save time telephoning to check the results of a test and you can see the trend in your results over time. This is available where there is a secure link between the hospital computer system and the Care Information Exchange.

Help and advice materials

You can add links to useful resources that you find online. And your health and care professionals can add links to help and advice materials to your library including leaflets, audio files and videos.

Social care

Social care data from Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, and Westminster local authorities is the latest addition to information that is available on the Care Information Exchange. This includes social worker contact details, care packages and case notes.

Connect your home healthcare devices

Lots of home healthcare devices such as blood pressure monitors, glucose monitors and Fitbit trackers connect to the Care Information Exchange so that you can upload your measurements and provide a record over time.

A journal of your health

You can record your thoughts and observations on your health.

Care plans

Your care plan can give a record of your treatment plan including your medications.

Messaging and video conferencing

These options are available for communication. Not all health and care professionals will use these options so you will need to check with yours.

Click on the button to register for the Care Information Exchange

You can create an NHS login and register for the Care Information Exchange now if you are treated at any of the hospitals in these North West London NHS trusts: Chelsea and Westminster, The Hillingdon Hospitals, Imperial College Healthcare and London North West University Healthcare. NHS Login is a national service for you to securely access digital health and care services, including the Care Information Exchange, with one username and password.

You can also use the NHS app to access your Care Information Exchange record if your GP practice is in a North West London or North East London borough.