This page is for staff involved in introducing the Care Information Exchange in their organisations. It includes a resources that you may find helpful.

This page is not intended for patients or service users who will be using the Care Information Exchange. Information for patients and service users is available from the Care Information Exchange home page.

Patient FAQs
List of participating organisations

Patient sign-up
Care Information Exchange A3 posters
Patient leaflet A4 format

Patient welcome screen
Standardised message for welcome screen

Assurance criteria
The following documents support organisations or services preparing to launch the Care Information Exchange for their patients.
Assurance criteria

Record creation gateway guidance
Data sharing template
HL7 Integration assurance test scripts
Imperial specialty code mapping
Numbering strategy
Pathology test code categories
Pathology test codes for patient delay
PKB integration steps
Roles and responsibilities
Technical guidance

Staff training gateway guidance
Generic process maps (PDF)
Scope and training requirements template -  example from Hillingdon

Staff activation gateway guidance
Quick reference guide – generic professional
Quick reference guide – generic coordinator

Patient activation gateway guidance
Patient enrolment guide