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  2. Using the Care Information Exchange

    There are two ways in which information can go into your record on the Care Information Exchange. One is that you enter it yourself. And the other is that a healthcare provider transfers data into your record. Healthcare staff using the Care…

  3. How it works

    The goal of the Care Information Exchange is to improve the care that you receive and help you feel more in control of your health. It will provide secure online access to medical records for you and the health and social care professionals in who…

  4. What it means for you

    Build an online record of your health that will be there for you to access anytime and wherever you are. And you can choose to share it with your health and care professionals, your relatives or your carers.

  5. Resources for participating organisations

    This page is not intended for patients or service users who will be using the Care Information Exchange. Information for patients and service users is available from the Care Information Exchange home page. Background Slides Patient FAQs List of…

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